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Fault Identification

The process of completing a fault identification is a time consuming process which involves; processing the job in the office and booking, travelling to site, training/employing a fully qualified Cert IV refrigeration mechanic/technician, dismantling the Air Conditioner, testing (using specialised equipment), sourcing pricing/tech support from manufacturer/spare parts provider, put the unit back to together, report, invoice/quote as well as all the costs (insurances, vehicles costs, phones, rent etc) associated with running a business.

For this reason, we are unable to complete these works for free, and instead work on two levels of fault identifications, depending on the fault that is evidently found with the system.

1.​ Entry Fault Find $99 (inc GST)

This includes an assessment of the Air Conditioner items such as: Operational testing of each component, fault code identification (when on system), condition report, replacement assessment and general health check and minor repairs to get system working again.

​2.​ Standard Fault Find $149 (inc GST)

A standard fault find is Where the fault find requires a full breakdown of the system and closer assessment and testing of electronic parts, gas pressures, fan motors, leaking of systems, storm damaged systems and more complex fault finds.

Please note:

  • Whilst we provide the above pricing for Fault Identifications, we require a $300 limit so that in the event we are able to complete repairs onsite to get the system running, we can do so on the first occasion.
  • The cost of the fault find will not be known until we attend site (this is not needing to be selected by the client)
  • This price is for the “first system onsite”. For any additional systems an extra $55 (entry fault ID) and $88 (Standard Fault Find) will apply.
  • A surcharge of $55 applies to ducted system fault identifications to cover the extra time these systems require.
  • We provide, where possible, competitive repair and replacement options. We therefore are unable to deduct this pricing for any follow up quoted works (it is not priced into our repairs)
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