There are many reasons to ensure you service your Air Conditioners on an annual basis. This include;

  • Maintenance of warranty (manufactures require “regular servicing” to honour warranty)
  • Increased longevity of the system
  • Decrease the chances of costly breakdowns and downtime
  • Increase energy efficiency to lower running costs
  • Ensures the health of the occupants by removing any stored air pathogens

The good news is Air DC makes this service hassle free and cost effective with our preventative maintenance programs.

Whilst most companies offer a “cleaning service” which is often just a “spray and wipe of the unit”, our service involves what is known as a full “bag clean” service. This means the whole system is dismantled, cleaned using a low pressure cleaning system, nontoxic chemicals and a bag capture system.

The results, as you can see below are far superior from other services.

What is involved in an air conditioning service by air dc


What do I have to do now?

If you are currently building (or significantly renovating) the new regulations are already being enforced.. While it is recommended and best practice for all properties to upgrade now for rentals or sales, you have until 2022 to become compliant and for owner occupiers the new regulations will not be enforced until 2027.

How often should I test my smoke alarms to make sure they are working correctly?

You should get your smoke alarms tested every year or prior to any new lease agreement or sale of your property.

What kind of alarms are used?

Regardless of the property type or construction of the dwelling, there are varying types of hardwired, battery operated and wireless interconnecting alarms on the market. DC Electrical is across all of this technology and is committed to only using the highest quality, approved alarms as there is simply too much at stake.

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