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Installation Types

Depending on the type of property and location the system is to be installed in, there are several different installation types that contribute to the overall cost price, this can often make it difficult for owners to compare quotes. To assist with this, we have provided some information on the differing installation types below;

​​1.​ Back to Back

Back to Back is the installation of a split system on a single storey property constructed of brick veneer, weatherboard or hardy plank, with a pitched roof and a ground mounted compressor, electrical connection and external isolation switch. Price includes up to 3m of refrigeration pipe and ducting. This includes up to 15 metres of electrical cabling. Any additional upgrades to the meter box are not included.

2.​ Up & Over

An up and over installation is required when the only suitable (or at the clients request) option is for the indoor unit to be located on an internal wall that is not directly behind the outdoor unit. In these cases we are required to do an “Up and over” which involves running the pipework up the external wall, and then through the roof space to the indoor unit.

​​3.​ Highest Allowance

When the outdoor unit is located above 2m, a highest allowance is required to cover the time and resources taken to set up a safe work area and additional lifting equipment to lift the outdoor unit safely.

4.​ Asbestos

When the situation does arise, Air DC is fully equipped with the training and equipment to work cautiously, but safely with Asbestos. In the event we do encounter asbestos, additional charges do apply in order for us to complete these works safely for staff and bystanders.

5.​ Drainage Pump

A drainage pump is required when the fall from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit is not sufficient for gravity to allow the flow of water condensation from the indoor unit. The drainage pump, when installed, completes the flow of this condensation so the unit does not leak from the front of the indoor unit during operation.

6.​ Roof Bracket

When the outdoor unit is located on a roof, the unit is mounted on a specialist roof bracket that supports the unit and allows for safe mounting. (rated well above the weight of the outdoor unit).

​​7.​ Wall Bracket

When the Outdoor unit is located off the ground, it is mounted on a wall bracket which provides a safe mounting solution (rated well above the weight of the outdoor unit). This may be required due to limited space at ground level or uneven ground.

8.​ Switchboard Works & Upgrades

To install a new Air Conditioner, we often need to install a new circuit into the switchboard. To achieve this and remain compliant with current electrical standards, we sometimes have to complete an upgrade of the switchboard to allow the safe installation of the electrical connections for your new Air Conditioner. This is not allowed for in a normal installation and our sister company, DC Electrical, will provide pricing or complete as a variation.

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